Heat Exchanger Gasket Styles

The range of styles and materials for Heat Exchanger gaskets is vast and impressive. We know you are here because you have a specific regasketing requirement, and we have your solution.

But we do like to show some popular gasketing solutions that are also available for your heat exchanger gasket requirements.

Solid Metal

Solid metal ring provides an extremely reliable seal with good mechanical strength.

Spiralwound gaskets, CANFLEX®, Flexseal®, metal jacketed, solid machined, all common metals, metal/sealant composites, Thomson RTJ gaskets, Rx, Bx, R, oval and octagonal in all materials for API, wellhead assemblies, high pressure and high temperature ASME piping systems, profile gaskets, lens rings.

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HeatExchangerGasket.ca's goal is to supply the most common and obscure, or hard to find gaskets. We offer custom fabrication for both shell & tube and plate & frame gasket styles. Laser cutting is also available for unique metal style gasket requirements.

We supply direct replacement gaskets for Alfa Laval, Vicarb, Graham, Mueller, ITT, Armstrong, Fischer, Tranter, Bell & Gossett, APV, & Sondex.


Gasket Selection:

Selecting the wrong gasket material can be a costly mistake.

If you provide HeatExchangerGasket.ca with the pressure temperature and process liquid details we recommend the most durable and cost effective gasket material for your application. We are your Ontario heat exchanger gasket solution.

If you don't see want you need, please ask.

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